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Wyclef: I mean it when I say I loved them both, because I did.


"That was the moment. It sparked a different tone in the way we spoke to each other. From there we started getting closer and flirting with each other for the first time. Little by little, that innocent flirtation became obvious attraction, and the little gestures between “brother” and “sister” became flirtation between lovers. It all changed step-by-step, the tension between us growing, until one day, it just happened."

Excerpted from “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story” by Wyclef Jean.

In his book "Purpose: An Immigrant's Story" Wyclef talks about his then growing love for Lauryn Hill, to which he attributes the success and passion found in "The Score" by the Fugees. At the time his love was growing, he was also in the midst of the courtship of his soon to be wife, Claudinette. Click here for the full excerpt on his love triangle.

Reading the excerpt was moving for me, namely because it was real. We are spoon fed a unrealistic type of love, daily. It's the love that you find in Snow White, the love that makes movies like "Friends with Benefits" (yes, I saw it ha). It is a monogamous, judaeo-christian type of love that has and man and a woman bond together forever, despite all odds and obstacles. A bond that should never be broken. We say "ohh, look at the two of them, they are perfect for each other, they should fall in love". and they do. In practice, love is the most illogical thing I have ever encountered. It surpasses all logic, and it has no rules. I commend Wyclef for even trying to explain the complexities of truly being in love with two people at the same damn time. at the same damn time. Not only is that possible, I am sure it happens quite often. Each person has different parts of themselves, all with the capacity to love for different reasons. The love that we put in songs, and books and movies, the love found in "The Score" is the reality. Its messy and illogical. It hurts so good and hurts so bad. And it has no rules. When you find it, accept it. And embrace it as something that you will never truly understand.

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