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Can Andre Write?

This is an important question, if not the most important question that I imagine someone would be asking themselves when find their way to my website. Can this man write? 

A fair question. My hope is that through the content on this blog and the work in my portfolio you come to the same conclusion that I came to when I first figured out that I could write when I was published on in High School. Up until that point I had always considered myself to be "bad at English". The truth of the matter was that spending 10 years of school (all of lower school and middle school included) in a full French immersion program had one major drawback, our English instruction did not catch up to our proper grade level until the 8th grade. There just weren't enough hours in the week, even with the extra period we had on Monday afternoons (I am not sure why you would torture a 10 year old with an extra long Monday of all days but that is neither here nor there). I guess I carried this sort of "I am not so good with word/grammar/writing" thing as a result of learning French grammar (hard) and English grammar (hard) at the same time (!@#$). And carried it right along with me to the Branson School, where I would eventually finish High School. 

It is not to say that I had some miraculous movie moment in High School where I knew in my heart that I would be a writer, but I did look back on writing that piece like "hmmm, c'est même pas terrible". I would eventually take another tremendous leap at Amherst, between getting a D on my first paper in an Intro to Religion class as a sophomore and having to write every paper from then on with at least 4 meetings and drafts with the professor and my prospectus as a senior. 

I have just taken another leap, writing my thesis on Humanizing Brands in the Digital Sphere. 18000 words. I never imagined I would or could write something so long, particularly in the age where shorter is, for the most part, much much better. 

All and all ANDRE CAN WRITE, after all.

If you have any further questions about whether Andre Can Write or not, please do not hesitate

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