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What is Cultural Competency?

Cultural Competency. I will admit it sounds like a buzzword for some new position that they just invented at your office but there are some very important things to understand about Cultural Competency.

Take this ad in the Metro (Ligne 8, Opera et Strasboug St Denis). 

The copy is as follows: Run on Impluse / Want it more.

The translation at the bottom of the ad reads: N'importe où - N'importe quand - Cours / Dépasse-toi


Premièrement, le français re-traduit en Anglais donnera "No matter where, no matter when - Run" et puis "surpass yourself"

Si le but du traduction est de donner des idées entièrement different à ceux qui peuvent lire l'Angalis et ceux qui peuvent pas, c'est une réussite. If the goal is to give a culturally relative translation of what was said in English then the ad should read "courez à tout instinct" and then "desirez davantage".

The difference is small in terms of wording but tremendous in terms of significance and meaning. What you are looking for in an English native copywriter working in France is someone with a culturally relevant aptitude in both French AND English who is able to understand both in a way that allows him to move ideas from one language and culture to another. This is a very unique person. 

Cultural competency is the ability to understand things in a cultural context when moving them from one cultural space to another. The key is having a deep enough understanding of the space from which you are moving the ideas AND the space you are moving them to for them to have the same culturally relevant meaning in both spaces.

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