Nissan Electric Café / The "Pay with Energy" Café


-Creative Lead


Gold - Trohpées Marketing 2017

3 x Silver - Grand Prix Strategies


The project: As the creative lead team on the Nissan Electric Café, we came up with the concept, lead the creation of all assets and ensured the simplicity of the message from start to finish. We had to define an entry point for Nissan, as the world's #1 retailer in 100% electric vehicles, to spark a larger conversation about energy and we thought there was no better way to do that than to invite them for a coffee.

From a production standpoint, I lead bringing a fully functional café to life in just under 3 weeks from a blank pop up space in the heart of Paris.

More on the café concept: 

Everyone uses electricity, it is central to our daily lives. But there is little thought put to its actual value and how it is made. To help get people thinking harder about energy, we opened the world’s first “pay with energy” café. In this unique space, you could not pay with cash, or credit card. The only accepted form of currency was energy. 

Customers generated their own energy by using pedals installed on the bar stools or stepping on special energy-capturing floor tiles. They could then exchange that energy for a sustainable cold brew coffee. 

During its duration, the cafe generated millions of joules, on top of sparking a greater social conversation that spread far beyond the café itself.