Reebok - Epic Short "Crafted"

-Creative Direction


The project: As part of the global "Crafted by Fitness" campaign, I helped launch of the Epic Short, a short crafted for the bodies of Reebok athletes and built to allow a natural freedom of movement, in France. We were tasked with creating a campaign that linked the launch of the Epic Short with the opening of the new Reebok Salle de Sport, a 3000m2 multi-sport gym in the heart of Paris, the largest in the city, while leveraging the Crossfit athletes on Reebok's roster of influencers.

The concept for the campaign leveraged fact that bodybuilding started with Euden Sandow and the judging of how well your body replicated the perfect "gracilian" ideal, a standard of ideal body proportions close to those of ancient Greek and Roman statues. Crossfit, as a natural extension of bodybuilding, turns your body into a statue.

We captured this idea by having our athlete strike poses that replicated statues and then using a 360 camera rig to capture his statue from all angles, this way, when you see him from the back you see his original form and as he turns the shorts are superimposed on him, delivering the message that the short allows you to move with the freedom of nudity. We then brought this idea to our audience through a launch event that used the same 360 rig at the Salle de Sport, allowing people to share their own statues on social.