Tres Senoritas Catering

-Brand Identity
-Logo Design

The project: In a business sector best known for tacos and burritos, the challenge was to reflect the client’s positioning as an expert in haute Mexican cuisine without disenfranchising potential clients who might be looking for traditional, artisanal Mexican food. I took this one step further by adding a stylistic modernity that would befit Bay Area corporate clients as well as add a level of sophistication and chic.

For this project, I named the business and designed the logo myself. In doing so, I operated autonomously, interfacing directly with the client.

The hand-drawn stroking of the three figures represents a down-to-earth and soulful foundation. I juxtaposed this with the modern font and “3” to highlight a new twist being put on storied, traditional cuisine.

I also was tasked with developing a tagline: “Rediscover the cuisine you thought you knew.”

Advertising Idea: Expanding upon the tagline, I wanted to create a series of print ads that were simple, yet caught the reader’s attention. The ads are designed to be ran in pairs on non-adjacent pages so the reader has to turn the page to see the answer to the question.